CRSM’s Silverlight Computer-Based Training Application

3 04 2009

Recently, I have supervised some students to come up with a Silverlight Computer-Based Training Portal for the Crisis Relief Squad of MCA. By using Microsoft Expression Blend for design and Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 for back-end coding, we have created quite a unique Silverlight UX for this application. Some of the effects used were Video Carousel, Slide Show and a little 3D. Check out the site here! Credits go to Kee Kok Foo and Kueh Tai Yong for creating such an interesting app!

Below are some of the screenshots of the application:

The Landing Page for CRSM's Silverlight Computer-Based Training

The Landing Page for CRSM

Welcome page for CRSM's Silverlight CBT

Welcome page for CRSM

Slide Viewer on CRSM's Silverlight CBT

Slide Viewer on CRSM

Video Carousel Viewer on CRSM's Silverlight CBT

Video Carousel Viewer on CRSM

Hopefully we can come up with some improvements on this system in terms of performance soon. Currently, the loading time is a little slow. It requires approximately 5 minutes of downloading to view at the moment. A custom loading screen would also be a good idea to replace the usual Silverlight loading screen, but we still need to learn how to do that!




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