Me Grimlock is MP-08!

6 04 2009

After stressing myself out on work, I have decided to go over to Graffiti Toys to get myself a Master Piece Transformer. This is the very first time that I have got myself a Transformer which is of masterpiece quality. The MP that I got was none other than Dinobot Commander, Grimlock which was just release in Japan about 2 weeks ago! I was pretty lucky to get it for just RM360 (Original retail price: RM400).Below are some snapshots of the toy in robot mode and alternate mode.

MP08 Grimlock has quite a number of interesting features and tricks. By pushing his arm, you can get the gun/sword that he is holding to blink. Besides that, he also comes with a apron and drink tray to serve, a la the 1st generation Transformers cartoon! What an interesting toy… Now I am poisoned to get MP01 Optimus Prime… HELP!




2 responses

10 04 2009

dont worry, there is a way where you dont require MP-01…….. u can just get MP-04 anytime…… yek yek yek yek yek……

10 04 2009

Haha! Really? From where? Transformers is getting way too poisonous!

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