I will be Back Blogging!

3 09 2009

After a month’s hiatus due to my really busy schedule last month, I was unable to spend some time on this blog. However, Derek’s Tech Blog will be coming back with a BANG this month!

Derek is a Windows 7 Rock Star

Derek is a Windows 7 Rock Star

Firstly, I have been selected as a Windows 7 Rock Star to blog regarding my experiences with Windows 7. As a result, I am now waiting for my final copy of Windows 7 to be sent to me for everyday use. Do look out for a twice a week posting on my experience with Windows 7 in the coming month!

Secondly, I would also be doing reviews on several software and websites. I currently owe 2 reviews for a music software and a cable selling company ever since July! I would like to sincerely apologize for the delay… Watch out for the 2 reviews to be published soon as well.

Hold your horses and I will be right back with more on tech!




One response

3 09 2009

I also want 1 copy of Windows 7 and activation key… 😛

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