Hardware Preview: Belkin Wireless N Technology (Basic, Surf, Share and PlayMax) Routers

24 06 2010

The Belkin Wireless N Technology Routers Lineup

The guys at Belkin Malaysia have just launched their new line of Wireless N Technology routers on the 22nd of June 2010 here. The lineup consist of 4 types of models: Basic, Surf, Share and Play Max. The main difference between the new line of routers compared to other ones in the market would be the ease of setup and built-in apps. One of the apps in my opinion, which is TorrentGenie available on the higher end Play Max model, can actually allow you to download torrent contents off the web without turning your PC on! All you need is just a hard disk plugged into the router, run the app, and you will be downloading content in no time without a PC running overnight.

With 4 ethernet ports and 2 USB ports available, you can connect up to 4 PCs via wire and 2 USB printers or hard disk. The new Belkin routers are all running on 802.11N standard which would allow you to transfer data up to 300MB per second. It also comes with the ‘Easy Start’ and ‘Self-Healing’ feature to ensure easy installation and simple troubleshooting on your network.

Play Max Back View (4 ethernet ports and 2 USB ports for more device connectivity)

Besides the TorrentGenie app which I have introduced earlier, Belkin’s Play Max routers also come with many other apps such as Music Mover, which will allow you to play an entire music library on smart devices, like the Xbox® or PS3™. There is also a Daily DJ app serves up daily personalized playlists to match moods. By analyzing the musical DNA of a collection, Daily DJ creates playlists around three mood mixes: High-Energy, Steady Groove, and Kick Back. Lastly, there is the Song Labeller which will be able to detect and automatically label untitled songs from CDs or MP3s. Be reminded that most of these apps are only available on the higher end Play Max model.

A Sleek Looking Play Max Router from the Front

The Belkin Wireless N Technology routers will be available in Malaysia’s IT stores in mid July 2010. Expect pricing to be around RM100 to RM500 depending on the model.




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