Updated to iPhone's iOS4 and Downloaded the Vuvuzuela App!

27 06 2010

I have just downloaded the latest iOS4 update and jailbroken it with PwnageTool 4.01 for my iPhone 3GS. For those who are interested in jailbreaking it, visit this URL at RedmondPie and follow the guide. All iPhone models from 2G to 3GS can apply this update. Again, please jailbreak at your own risk and a Mac is required to complete this process! As promised by Apple, iOS4 comes with over 100 new features which includes mainly; multitasking, folder management, improved e-mail, iBooks and digital zoom for the camera. For the full list of features, click here.

Below are some screens on the latest features in iOS4 from my iPhone (From top left: (1) A brand new Home Screen, (2) Folder Management, (3) Multitasking bar, (4) Camera Digital Zoom up to 5x:

Due to the World Cup season, I also managed to find a free Vuvuzuela app which you can download from the AppStore. All you need to do is to select your favorite team and touch or shake your phone to emit the buzzing sound which has been a culture and also an annoyance to players and fans altogether throughout World Cup 2010. You can get that app from here via iTunes too. A screenshot available below.

I have also realized in a way that the new iOS4 is faster and a little more smoother when in comes to rendering transitions than previous OS versions as opposed to what other people commented. Probably the 3GS still has enough juice to run iOS4 without any issues. Signing off for now and enjoying Apple’s latest iOS. Wooot! I can’t wait for iPhone 4 already!




2 responses

4 07 2010

great post. thanks for sharing.

16 09 2011
Sofia Aumentar El Busto

hello I want to say that I really liked your article now I have a better idea about iOS4, thank you very much

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