Visual Studio 2010 Professional Beta Download

17 07 2009

Visual Studio 2010 Mascots!?Visual Studio developers rejoice! Microsoft is on the verge of releasing its brand new version of Visual Studio, simply named Visual Studio 2010 which will run applications on the yet to be released .NET Framework 4.0. It is currently at beta and you can start downloading Visual Studio 2010 Professional Beta here right now. The new features which consists of a new enhanced user interface, parallel programming to make use of multi-core processors, new code features, cloud development and better database support are pretty nifty and cool. It also includes full Silverlight and WPF support without the need of an add-on this time around.

Visual Studio 2010

If you have been a big fan all along and want to try it out before its actual release, do so right now! Screenshots and reviews will be back right after I am done with my own download. 😀


KL Technite May 2009

25 05 2009

KL TechniteIf you have time this coming Friday (29th May 2009), come on down over to Starbucks at Bangsar Village II Level 2 for KL Technite. This time around, we will be talking about all things mobile including iPhone development and how take the opportunity of the current mobile market. I will be presenting on Windows Mobile 6.5, so if you are interested to know how the next Windows Mobile OS is shaping up, do attend to see how it works. Below are 2 screenshots of Windows Mobile 6.5 to whet your appetite.

For those of you who do not know, KL TechNite is the local chapter of the informal monthly networking session between entrepreneurs, reps from the local industries, the ICT industry and Government agencies. Every month, we use this informal setting to enjoy technology talks and networking sessions with good coffee throughout the night. ITrain is one of the supporters of KL Technite which is usually held on the last Friday of every month.

Hope to post my next entry on the presentation as well as the reactions to the upcoming release. Till then…

Twitter Windows Mobile Application

8 05 2009

Today, I had a presentation at ITrain for the Windows Mobile Development Bootcamp. After discussing with Mike on what to demo, he suggested that I come out with a Twitter Windows Mobile App so that we can do simple checking on our Friends Timeline as well as allowing for Twitting to be done on the go.

So after another round of checking the Twitter API, I have managed to use both the “Friends Timeline API” to check out my friends and the “Status API” to update my status. Below are some shots from the Windows Mobile 6 emulator.

Since it was a presentation, I have also uploaded a PowerPoint slide on the basics on Windows Mobile development. You can find that here. It covers some basic Windows Mobile tech and some of the best practices of Windows Mobile development. For the source code on how to connect to the API, just get it right here.