Visual Studio 2010 Professional Beta Download

17 07 2009

Visual Studio 2010 Mascots!?Visual Studio developers rejoice! Microsoft is on the verge of releasing its brand new version of Visual Studio, simply named Visual Studio 2010 which will run applications on the yet to be released .NET Framework 4.0. It is currently at beta and you can start downloading Visual Studio 2010 Professional Beta here right now. The new features which consists of a new enhanced user interface, parallel programming to make use of multi-core processors, new code features, cloud development and better database support are pretty nifty and cool. It also includes full Silverlight and WPF support without the need of an add-on this time around.

Visual Studio 2010

If you have been a big fan all along and want to try it out before its actual release, do so right now! Screenshots and reviews will be back right after I am done with my own download. 😀


Spice up Your Desktop with Bump3D!

9 04 2009

This cool video below shows how Bump3D can change the way you manage your desktop. By implementing 3D and some physics, you can now control your desktop magically with your fingers (with Windows 7 that is) or your mouse. And the best part is, you can try it right now by downloading it right here.

Have already installed and tried it and I must say that I was pretty impressed and awed by it!

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Leaked!

2 04 2009

Just yesterday, the X-Men Origins – Wolverine movie which was originally slated for a 1st May 2009 release has already been leaked on the Internet. Best of all, this is NOT an April Fool joke! Though the leaked copy is a workprint copy, which means that some scenes are still incomplete in terms of CG editing (you can also see green screens and wires attached to the actors), the entire movie is complete and has every scene in it. It was rumored that one of the employees in FOX leaked it due to dissatisfaction after getting laid off!

X-Men Origins - Wolverine Poster

Which @$$hole released my Claws on the Net!?

Its been a while since we’ve got such an anticipated release being leaked so soon. Based on my research, about 10,000 people are sharing the file and another 50,000 more are waiting for their copy. So are you all going to download the copy from ‘you know where’ and watch it?