Updated to iPhone's iOS4 and Downloaded the Vuvuzuela App!

27 06 2010

I have just downloaded the latest iOS4 update and jailbroken it with PwnageTool 4.01 for my iPhone 3GS. For those who are interested in jailbreaking it, visit this URL at RedmondPie and follow the guide. All iPhone models from 2G to 3GS can apply this update. Again, please jailbreak at your own risk and a Mac is required to complete this process! As promised by Apple, iOS4 comes with over 100 new features which includes mainly; multitasking, folder management, improved e-mail, iBooks and digital zoom for the camera. For the full list of features, click here.

Below are some screens on the latest features in iOS4 from my iPhone (From top left: (1) A brand new Home Screen, (2) Folder Management, (3) Multitasking bar, (4) Camera Digital Zoom up to 5x:

Due to the World Cup season, I also managed to find a free Vuvuzuela app which you can download from the AppStore. All you need to do is to select your favorite team and touch or shake your phone to emit the buzzing sound which has been a culture and also an annoyance to players and fans altogether throughout World Cup 2010. You can get that app from here via iTunes too. A screenshot available below.

I have also realized in a way that the new iOS4 is faster and a little more smoother when in comes to rendering transitions than previous OS versions as opposed to what other people commented. Probably the 3GS still has enough juice to run iOS4 without any issues. Signing off for now and enjoying Apple’s latest iOS. Wooot! I can’t wait for iPhone 4 already!


iPhone 4 Round-Up

25 06 2010

The iPhone 4 has already gone on sale at the United States yesterday. Summary: Thousands of people are lining up to purchase it, iOS4 is already jailbroken and the phone breaks easily when it drops (from only just 1 foot mind you)!

Below are a round-up of some interesting articles:

The all new iPhone 4

16 06 2010

iPhone 4 with the new IOS4

It’s summer and as usual, a new iPhone, this time called iPhone 4 was announced last week during the World Wide Developer Conference by Steve Jobs. This time, the new iPhone 4 comes with a brand new retinal display, HD video recording at 720p and FaceTime for videoconferencing.

Time for another mad rush for the new iPhone. It will definitely come out in Malaysia. The only question now is when…

iPhone 4 in Black and White

Official Malaysian iPhone 3GS Page for Maxis Added!

9 07 2009

As predicted, Maxis have finally added a page for iPhone 3GS.  Go here and you can subscribe for updates via mobile/e-mail too. Price and other details will be announced on the 15th of July. Hope it will come out on the 19th of July as mentioned in WWDC.

Maxis 3GS Page Just Launched!

Maxis 3GS Page Just Launched!

There are also rumors that it will be out on 31st July. Having said that, the sooner the better! Come back here for more updates!

iPhone 3GS (Malaysian Release CONFIRMED: 31st July 2009)

9 06 2009

UPDATE: Release date confirmed by Maxis. iPhone 3GS will be officially released here on the 31st July 2009. Pre orders yours now!

While not Microsoft related, I had to write this article as it would please any tech enthusiast in the country. Yesterday during the Apple WorldWide Developers Conference at San Francisco, Apple unveiled the next iPhone which will be released in the States in another 10 days (19th June). Touted as a new iPhone which will run 2x faster than the previous gen device, iPhone 3GS is set to make waves worldwide where it will be released in about 80 countries by August 2009.

iPhone 3Gs

The brand new iPhone 3GS

The best part of the news is that Malaysia will be part of it. Together with Maxis (should most probably be them as they are the telco provider for the current iPhone 3G), the phone should be released on 19th July 2009 (Mark your calendars!), one month after the US release. So far, the only concrete details unveiled is that there will be an in-built compass, better camera (3.0MP), higher speed HSDPA, better battery life as well as voice control and video recording which was not available in the previous gen iPhone. Processor speed is still unknown as Apple is coy about it.

Update (9/7/09): iPhone 3GS Page added by Maxis. Details here.