My Experience With Windows 7 so Far

18 09 2009

After fully utilizing Windows 7 in my laptop for about a week already, I can say that I am deeply impressed with Windows 7’s performance and compactness. Below is a summary of what I feel so far about Windows 7 if compared to Windows XP:

  1. Performance have been simply amazing: For me, this is one of the major points as to why Windows 7 will be successful. Minimizing and maximizing is responsive, I can run more programs and surprisingly, it feels quicker than Windows XP. Currently, I am running 2 browsers (Firefox and Internet Explorer), iTunes, Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Word, Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Messenger and Microsoft Virtual PC and yet I don’t feel any major performance hit. Oh, and did I forget that at the background, SQL Server, IIS and Apache are running?
  2. Everything is simple, compact and precise: Even though I am running loads of programs, my taskbar remains clean and neat with all the programs arranged nicely within their respective icons. I can even close programs directly from the taskbar instead of shifting my cursor to the top right of the screen all the time. The taskbar is indeed a serious UI revolution!
  3. Most programs in XP works in W7: Okay, I said most because I am still having problems installing Kaspersky anti-virus into my PC. Besides that, everything else worked well without a hitch!
  4. Driver a no issue: No drivers in my Dell Inspiron 1520 had any issues on Windows 7. If you can’t find a driver for w7, just download the Windows Vista one and it should work fine.
  5. Interface Easily Customizable: Customizing your desktop is now even more easier with the introduction of themes in Windows 7. Below are screenshots of multiple themes that I can apply on W7 by just using the desktop customization function:

As I continue my journey with Windows 7, I will be sharing more regarding it’s usability and features. Stay tuned!

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Windows 7 Rock Star