Windows 7 is Officially Released!

23 10 2009

Windows 7 Ultimate Box ArtWindows 7 was officially released yesterday on the 22nd of October 2009. For Malaysians, hold on as events and roadshows will be coming to major towns near you in November (I have listed down a list of Malaysian Windows 7 events below).  Below are some screens from the launch event at New York City yesterday (Images courtesy of CNet News):
Brooks Demonstrating Play To
Steve Balmer on Windows 7
Windows 7 for Everything

Not to forget, reviews and articles from the latest Windows 7 OS:

Looks like Windows 7 is garnering good reviews, with most reviewers mentioning that it is the best OS from Microsoft yet. Look forward to Malaysia’s Windows 7 events at the following locations:

  • Windows 7 Consumer Launch, Lowyat Plaza, Kuala Lumpur (7th November 2009)
  • Lowyat Plaza, Kuala Lumpur (2nd – 8th November 2009)
  • Ikano Power Center, Petaling Jaya (4th – 8th November 2009)
  • Gurney Plaza, Penang (6th – 8th November 2009)
  • City Square Plaza, Johor Bahru (13th – 15th November 2009)
  • For developers and IT professionals: The New Efficiency Launch, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (24th November)

Hope to get comments from those who are on Windows 7 now!