Windows 7 Box Art, Pricing

26 06 2009

Microsoft have just released their box art and pricing details for Windows 7. Below are the snaps of Windows 7’s box art.

Windows 7 Home Premium Box ArtWindows 7 Box ArtWindows 7 Ultimate Box Art

I think its just the exact approach that Microsoft wants to portray for their upcoming OS. Clean, simple and easy to use. The design is simple, clean and professional looking unlike previous designs. Really something to look forward to come October 22.

The next thing is about Windows 7’s pricing. Currently, if you are going for an upgrade from either Windows XP or Windows Vista, it will cost 49USD (RM172) for the Home Premium and 99USD (RM350) for Professional at the U.S. Not sure what offer will be provided to us at Malaysia though. If you are going for the full packaged version however, the prices are as follow:

Home Premium – 199USD (RM699)
Professional – 299USD (RM1050)
Ultimate – 319USD (rm1120)

So the best recommendation would be to go for the upgrade which is really cheaper compared to the full version. If you really want to save more, I would recommend you all to stick with RC until March 2010 and see what is being offered then.

Sources: Windows 7 Team Blog, CNet