Hello Windows 7! Goodbye Windows XP…

8 09 2009

Yesterday I have just did a clean reformatting for my Dell Inspiron 1520 notebook to run Microsoft’s upcoming OS, Windows 7. Thanks to MSDN subscriptions, I was able to get a copy for Windows 7 Enterprise on the spot!

After becoming a loyal Windows XP user for 9 years, I have finally decided to change the OS of my choice. I still remember having the same feeling when I wanted to install Vista about 3 years ago. However, that feeling banished once I had problems with slow access, annoying UACs and cluttered interfaces.

So lo and behold, here are screenshots from Windows 7 Enterprise Edition:

Windows 7 Screenshot

Windows 7 Enterprise RTM Screenshot with Aero Peek

The Spanking New Windows 7 Start Menu Bar

The Spanking New Windows 7 Start Menu Bar

My Activated Copy of Windows 7 Enterprise RTM

My Activated Copy of Windows 7 Enterprise RTM

So far, drivers haven’t been an issue. All I did was to download the Windows Vista drivers from Dell’s driver support site and everything seemed to work without a hitch. I have also read that you can even download the dedicated Windows 7 video driver from NVidia’s website to run your notebook’s video card, if your hardware is running on NVidia’s GPU.

In my later posts, I hope to place in some comparisons between my Windows 7 and Windows XP usage. As for developers, do look out for a post where I will try to install all the development tools to check for their compatibility. As for now, I will just enjoy my ‘7th Heaven’ OS.

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