Changing your Windows 7 Logon Screen

1 10 2009

One thing that I do not really like about Windows 7 is the default logon screen. The wallpaper that is being provided is a little childish and light in color. However, there are no customization tools by default in Windows 7 to allow you to change the logon screen. Fortunately, there is a tool out there by which allows you to change that default Windows 7 logon wallpaper easily. You can download it here

Changed Logon Screens

Changed Logon Screens

To use the logon screen tool, just simply run the extracted .exe file and click on the “Change Logon Screen” button to select a background which you want to use. In case you need to revert the background back to it’s original image, just run the same program and click on “Revert to Default Logon Screen”. Pretty simple eh? Logon Changer Logon Changer


Get Involved with Windows 7 in Malaysia!

1 10 2009

With about 3 weeks more to Microsoft’s Windows 7 official launch, do visit these sites to get the latest updates and participate in various activities and contests in Malaysia:

Windows 7 Malaysia PortalWindows 7 Malaysia Facebook Fan PageWindows 7 Malaysia on Twitter

Windows 7 Malaysia Portal –

Windows 7 Malaysia Facebook Fan Page –

Windows 7 Malaysia Twitter Fan Page –

At the moment, join the latest Windows 7 Re-Tweet contest to win yourself a Windows 7 Ultimate Edition! Click on the picture below for contest details.
Windows 7 Re-Tweet Contest

Upgraded from Windows 7 Enterprise to Ultimate!

14 09 2009

Yep, I may have just reformatted my PC from Windows XP to Windows 7 Enterprise last week. However, I received a new package of Windows 7 just last Friday as part of the Windows 7 Rock Star program. Here it is:

Windows 7 Ultimate DVD

Windows 7 Ultimate DVD

This DVD of course, is the final release for Windows 7, not the RTM version so I guess I have access to every single functionality for this upcoming OS.

Unfortunately, there was no function to upgrade from Windows 7 Enterprise RTM to Windows 7 Ultimate. As a result, I had to do another clean reformat. If you are asking me why go through the hassle of reformatting, it is worth it because of the addition of premium Windows games! Windows 7 Ultimate also provides users with over 100+ free downloadable games at

So if you are going to ask me is it worth it or not, I would definitely say yes!

Will be writing so much more on this OS. There is just too much to be reviewed. Stay tuned!

This post is part of the Windows 7 Rock Star Initiative

Windows 7 Rock Star

Windows 7 Rock Star