A Big THANK YOU to all Visitors!!!

13 07 2009

Wordpress LogoAfter checking my blog’s stats at WordPress today, I was in for quite a surprise. This blog is hitting close to 1000 hits a week! From a humble beginning of 10 visitors a week in the 1st week of April, the number of visitors have been steadily increasing from strength to strength. I am proud to say that this is quite a milestone achievement for a tech blog which have just started.

Derek's Tech Blog Statistics as of 13th June 2009

Derek's Tech Blog Statistics as of 13th July 2009

As of such, I will try my very best to write more about simple tech stuff that YOU can do. Don’t only view tech from a user standpoint, try getting involved in it too! 😀

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who have chipped in their comments and ideas in this blog as well. Lets keep in touch. 🙂